We carry fine, luxurious, long lasting hair in the following collections: Indian Temple Butt Naked, Latin Explosion, SuperNatural, Quick Additions, Premium Lace and our super-affordable line, The Bomb Hair with bundle deals starting at $199. Our best hair (Butt Naked Hair) will give you life for 18 to 24 months or more, with regular maintenance and proper care. This hair can be reused over and over. Spend a bit more once to avoid costly trips to the beauty supply store or inferior hair vendors buying hair that just won't hold up to YOUR life!

Even our entry-level Bomb Hair can be used for 3 to 6 months with proper care. To keep your tresses properly hydrated and conditioned, we offer amazing quality care products that will never let you down, and will protect your investment even longer.

Renown Premium Hair Boutique is located in the East Bay of San Francisco in the Oakland area. Originally from Los Angeles, Renown Hair is dedicated to bringing class and sophistication, with unprecedented hair quality and service in our flagship premiere salon.

Renown Premium Hair is different! We do not work like your traditional beauty supply or so-called virgin hair retailer. Our goal is to give customers a memorable experience, and educate them on not just WHAT they are buying, but also how to make the best choices and decisions for their lifestyles. In addition to our regular boutique shopping area, Renown Hair exclusively offers is a private consultation area and full service salon that serves and devotes our full attention to one customer at a time. Our staff does not work on commission, so they are trained to educate customers about various product choices, rather than pressure them to buy. We not only provide excellent service, but also an experience you will not soon forget. Rapidly expanding, watch for Renown in your town! We just might be there sooner than you think. 

Care4Me Co-Wash Cream

Care4ME Supreme Hydrating Conditioner

Care4ME Supreme Hydrating Shampoo

Care4ME Thermal Styling Spray


Denman D5 Weighted Brush


ExtensionSAVER™ Store and Carry Bag

Gift Cards


Twist & Roll Setting Serum


Wigs - The Latest Accessory Trend

June 07, 2019

Honey, Let's face it.  Wigs are our best friends, and no one cares if you wear them.  It's not like back in the day when you had to lie and say --- yeah! This is all me.  Yeah right. Chile please. Who even does that these days?? Wigs have literally become an accessory; like a jacket or a scarf or even a hat.  Just wear a god one and wear it with confidence.  Always remember, GOOD HAIR AIN'T CHEAP ... & CHEAP HAIR AIN'T GOOD. 


And the church said "Amen."


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Renown Bayfair Closes Its Doors

July 20, 2018

After four long and wonderful years serving the East Bay and surrounding areas, we have made the difficult decision to close our doors. While we... Continue Reading