How Do you Care 4 Your Hair?

How Do you Care 4 Your Hair?

Care 4 Me

With so many hair care lines on the market today, it can be a challenge to decide what products are best for your hair care needs. Care 4 Me is the amazing product line that eliminates the guesswork about the purpose and use of each product. 
There are 6 Core products in the Care 4 Me collection: shampoo, conditioner, co-wash, thermal spray, finishing spray, and argan oil. Each product combats a specific concern and is formulated with patented ExtensionSAVER, so not only are the products great for your natural hair, they are specially formulated to be extension safe! This allows you to get the longest wear from your extensions possible when you use Care 4 Me. 
The Argan oil has been phased out, but the rest of the line is available for purchase.

Supreme Hydrating Shampoo


This conditioner is AMAZE-BALLS!!! Not only does it smell like yummy orange dreamsicles, it makes detangling your hair so effortless. Another plus is that it's concentrated, so you don't have to use a whole bunch of product. The key is to utilize some of the excess water in your hair to help spread the conditioner. A wide tooth comb or detangling brush can aid in that process.


You cannot go wrong with this one.  It is shampoo and conditioner in one step and never disappoints. Don’t mix it with your water in the water bottle though. That is not the assignment here. Once a week and you will literally have a love affair with your hair. Literally.

Thermal Spray/Finishing Spray

Going to go straight or use that flat iron? It i s a must. Period. No compromise. Treat your hair like you want it to treat you. Nuff said.

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