Butt Naked Indian Temple Hair Angel Curl

  • Incredibly soft and light, this hair is AMAZING and even softer and more fabulous than our kinky curly hair. Tight defined curls. This hair is Gently steam processed for a very tight kinky curl pattern. We attempt to show you the basic curl pattern/texture on the site, but the donor in each bundle is different. This is a "single draw" bundle, which means it is taken directly from the pony tail of one donor before being steam processed to mimic kinky hair. We stand behind our quality, and you will see and FEEL the difference. We do not accept returns for dislike of curl pattern, if we have sent your hair as ordered. No two donors will have the same exact hair. We do not recommend straightening this texture as it will loosen the curl over time. However, if you keep it heat free, it will last for approximately 200 washes!
  • This hair requires moisture to thrive and look amazing. If you do not co-wash at least weekly, you will NOT enjoy this hair. It is not maintenance free! Download instructions.
  • Wait times will not exceed 21 days if out of stock. Usually ships in 48 hours or less.

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