Butt Naked Indian Temple Natural Curly

Luxurious waves or loose defined curls. This hair is NEVER the same exact pattern twice, and is truly rare. Per 1k Indian Temple Hair donations, there are 5 NATURAL curly bundles. Please be patient for sourcing.  When they are in stock they go fast, and sourcing can take as long as 7 to 10 days (3 day average). Our Butt Naked Natural Curly Can be flat ironed as much as you like and will ALWAYS bounce back to amazing, flawless curls. 
 We attempt to show you the basic wave pattern/texture on the site, but the donor in each bundle is different. This is a "single draw" bundle, which means it is taken directly from the pony tail of one donor.We stand behind our quality, and you will see and FEEL the difference. We do not accept returns for dislike of curl pattern, if we have sent your hair as ordered. No two donors will have the same exact hair. 

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