Pressed Straight (Flat Ironed Natural Hair)

You know when you try to blend your natural hair with silky straight weave, it just doesn’t quite match? Your troubles are over! Starting with Virgin hair, this hair is steam altered and designed to mimic the texture of African American hair to a tee. We have also found this texture preferable to kinky straight since many customers are unable to achieve the press straight look.

It fights tangles, is resilliant against water and responds well to heat. To keep you hair longer, wrap or roll at night and tie with a silk scarf. Your hair will last up to 12 months or more, with proper care. Failing to wash regularly and condition with proper products, as well as overuse of styling tools without protection will respond JUST LIKE YOUR OWN HAIR...unfavorably. Use care when handling your extensions.

This hair is absolutely perfect for blending into an edgy or classic bob, or other deliberate cuts and styles. Looks just like your own. Feel free to specify if you want a very coarse texture that is closer to a kinky curl blown straight, rather than relaxed. There is a space for extra information or instructions when you checkout and complete your order.

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