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Renown Premium Hair

Deluxe Frontal

Deluxe Frontal

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Step into the realm of elite hair artistry with our Deluxe Indian Temple Hair Frontal, a crowning glory of hand-tied Swiss lace closures. Crafted from the finest Indian temple hair, renowned for its superior strength, natural luster, and exceptional quality, each frontal is a masterpiece designed for the discerning individual.

Our frontals span a generous 13 X 5 inches for expansive coverage, seamlessly blending with your natural hairline to create a look that’s both dramatic and authentically you. The installation is an art form, mastered by those who accept nothing less than perfection, resulting in a flawless integration that banishes compromised edges to the past.

The patience invested in each hand-tied piece ensures that while it may take a moment longer to arrive, the wait unfolds into a breathtaking reveal. Available in a singular, versatile length that gracefully measures approximately 15 to 18 inches, it promises a luxurious, natural cascade of hair.

We offer this exquisite piece in two distinct textures, catering to a diverse range of styling needs and preferences, each ensuring a lush, voluminous look with a density that transitions beautifully from 60 to 150%. The highlight is our high-quality lace, crafted to melt into your skin, disappearing to leave nothing but a stunning, undetectable finish.

Embrace the transformative power of our Deluxe Indian Temple Hair Frontal, the perfect companion to our temple bundles, where unparalleled quality meets the art of natural elegance. Together, they form the ultimate duo for achieving the luxurious, full-bodied hair of your dreams.

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