Care4Me Co-Wash Cream

Strengthen, Hydrate, & Detangle
Promotes Healthy Hair
8 fl oz / 236 mL
If your extensions could talk, they'd say DETANGLE, CLEANSE AND MOISTURIZE ME with our incredible Co-Wash Cleansing Cream. This dense, gentle formula will help maximize the ability of your hair or premium extensions to bind to moisture, leaving your natural hair, or your extensions soft and manageable.  Loaded with botanical extracts including Rice Protein, your hair will be easy to detangle and maintain its lustrous shine. Burdock root oil along with Ivy extracts curb product buildup, making this an excellent conditioner for co-washing (poo-less cleansing) your hair or your Renown Premium Hair extensions. Also safe for bleached or highlighted hair to help restore lost moisture. Paraben free. Gluten Free.

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