Summer Is Coming... Is Your Hair Ready???

Summer Is Coming... Is Your Hair Ready???

The summer months are fast approaching and the weather is heating up and can do a number on your hair. These simple tricks can help to protect your hair in the upcoming season. 

Get a Trim

I recommend getting a trim before the summer months to minimize split ends and breakage. There is no miracle serum that will truly permanently repair split ends. Only a haircut can do that. When you get regular trims, you control how much hair is taken off. That paired with the next step, helps to ensure length retention. Then you will see growth.


Deep Condition

I recommend doing deep conditioning treatments 2x a month during the summer. With all the activities that are likely to happen: laying on a beach, travelling, swimming, or just being outside in the beaming sun, one thing is sure to happen, DRY HAIR! Deep conditioning treatments restore the moisture lost in extreme heat. For even deeper penetration, sit under a dryer for 15-20 mins. Deep conditioning also helps to minimize frizz. When your hair is hydrated, it is less likely to be unruly.

Remember, dry hair = FRIZZY hair


Wear a Protective Style

Whether you choose to wear braids, wigs, or my personal style of choice, a weave, Protective styling is a must. Low manipulation styles allow your hair to rest and recover. Plus, there are so many cute styles to choose from. If you are an avid weave wearer like myself, then you know hair is an accessory and you probably have multiple sets of hair to choose from. I suggest choosing a wavy/loose curl texture that will be a "get up and go" type of style. They don't require as much work as a tight curly texture (loads of product) or super sleek and straight (excessive heat styling). Just be sure to choose a texture that works well for your hair and lifestyle. 

If you're changing your bundles, one great storage option is Renown's ExtensionSAVER Storage Bag. You can store up to 4 bundles per hanger and protect the hair in the front zip bag. It stores flat and blocks dirt and debris, so your bundles are ready for your next install.


See A Skilled Stylist

Take the time to research a LICENSED professional that puts hair care first. Ask friends and family, use social media, read reviews, call around. If you are seeing a stylist for the first time, book a consultation. If you don't feel confident by the end of the consultation, then they aren't the stylist for you. Be honest, take photos of what you want. Both of you should have a clear picture as to what's attainable for your hair and how long it will take. Make sure they are EXPERIENCED in the service you are requesting. Just because they may be skilled at one thing, they may not be in another area. That's perfectly ok, but they should tell you so and/or refer you to someone that can service your needs.

If you are in the market for a new stylist, I am always accepting new clients. You can click here to book your next appointment with me. Be sure to read my reviews.

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