ExtensionSAVER Storage Bag with Hanger

You know you want it.  You LOVE hair. Face it. But that shouldn't mean you have random unlabeled bags everywhere of partial sew ins or deconstructed wigs! Worse still it doesn't mean you have to give it to your niece, sister, or cousin who always tells you when it's time for you to get some (read HER some new hair) so she can "borrow" the old. Used in conjunction with our hair care products, it will actually give your bundles even longer life. We promise. 

Price shown is for hanger AND bag together. Not sold separately, for an introductory price which saves you OVER $10 per unit.

This sexy and practical bag is great for traveling or storing and can hold approximately 100-400 grams at a time. Get them fast. They sold out before we launched and they are just coming back. 

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