Wigs - The Latest Accessory Trend

Wigs - The Latest Accessory Trend

 Let's face it.  Wigs are our best friends, and no one cares if you wear them.  It's not like back in the day when you had to lie and say --- yeah! This is all me.  Yeah right. Chile please. Who even does that these days?? 

We've all experienced a "bad hair day".  Now those are a thing of the past!  With the popularity of hair extensions, ladies ( and some gentlemen) can have whatever hair they want.  What's even better is now they can have flawless hair in the matter of minutes with wigs!  The options are limitless!  From color to length, to texture, you can literally create your new look whenever you want.  I have personally handpicked a few styles that are sure to have you looking your absolute best this spring/summer...


The Lace Pixie

With the warm months quickly approaching, short hair is always a go-to.  Whether you want to be short and sassy or fierce and fabulous, a short haircut simply makes a statement. Here are a couple wigs that are great options for anyone!


The Bob/Lob

A Bob/Lob is a great option if you want a sexy, sophisticated look. It's not too short and not too long at the same time. Depending how you style it, you can take your look from day to night with a couple small adjustments. There are so many looks that fall under this category. You can wear it straight and blunt or wavy and layered for that effortless, "I woke up like this" look. These  are some of my favorite looks.


 Long and Curly

Who doesn't love a head full of curls?! I know I do!! Sometimes Although curly hair is a bit more to maintain than straight or wavy hair, it is completely worth it in my opinion.  I mean... I'll just let the photos do all the talking...


The Wildcard

I call these looks the wildcard because they may not necessarily be what you would wear on your normal day to day. If you want to try a completely different look from what you're used to, this is the best way to do it! Commitment free...  You can essentially buy any bundles and have them made into a wig by your stylist (yes we can refer a stylist), or you can simply check out a ready made wig and keep it moving, Either way, for the love of God; PLEASE get someone to install it right.  Sheesh! Stop with the leaving too much lace, old glue stains and too old and too thin or (God forbid) TOO PLUCKED) hair line.  And yes (before you ask) we've been selling HD lace since before they thought to call it that (Dangone Chinese Vendors).

 Parting Notes

Now the best part... you can get any of the wigs shown above simply by clicking on the photo you like. It will take you directly to the order page. Custom coloring is also available from one any of our recommended licensed stylists. If you'd like to become a recommended stylist in our referral network, just drop us a line here for details.

Keep in mind when wearing a wig, It's not always going to be ready to wear and look absolutely fabulous. I can promise you will need to do some tweaking to it to customize it to your face and personal style. All of our wigs are 100% virgin hair and can be styled and colored to your liking. (If electing to color, I recommend consulting your licensed stylist for best results.) Whatever look you decide on, be sure to wear it with confidence! 

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