Get The Look: Nicki Minaj Sleek and Sultry

Get The Look: Nicki Minaj Sleek and Sultry

Nicki is definitely daring when it comes to her hair. I have to say, my favorite look on her is long sleek black hair. It just screams classic and effortless! If you want to look perfectly polished too, just follow these simple tips. 



What You Need

1. Hair Extensions!

2. Flat Iron

3. Thermal Spray/Finishing spray

4. Comb/Brush/Clips

Keep in mind....

Hair extensions are vital to achieve this look especially if you don't have naturally long hair or if you just want to protect your natural hair from heat damage. If you aren't sure where to buy quality hair, be sure to check out Renown Premium Hair! Bundle deals start at $150



What to do

1. Start with clean hair, whether your hair is weaved or if you opt for clip-ins, clean hair is necessary. I recommend 18/20/22" bundles in either straight or bodywave.

2. Detangle your hair with your comb and/or brush starting at the ends.

3. Prep your hair with the thermal spray before you begin to flat iron. My personal favorite is Care4Me Thermal Protectant Spray. Its lightweight and has a soft hold to lock in your style. Be sure not to have your iron turned to the highest heat setting. When the iron is too hot, heat damage will occur and will shorten the lifespan of your hair (extensions). As long as there isn't product buildup, no more than 375 degrees is really necessary.

4. Flat iron your hair in one inch sections until you get through your entire head. Use the clips to hold the hair you aren't working on out of your way.

5. Part your hair down the center and mist your hair with the finishing spray to eliminate any fly aways and minimize frizz. I recommend Weightless Shine Weather-Block Finishing Spray by Care4Me

6. Get dressed. Beat face. Flip hair!


** Remember to flat wrap your hair at night to preserve you style.


That's it! Its really that simple! If you aren't confident in your personal styling skills, you can always book an appointment at Salon RPH online24/7. Just click here. One of our licensed stylists would be happy to take care of you! Mention this blog and save $10 on your service.


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