Accenting Your Best Features with Hair and Makeup

Posted on January 09, 2016 by Catlin Panelo | 0 comments

So you're a simple girl and you want to start putting some pop in your style.  Start with a few basics in make-up, and don't stop there! With so many choices under $150, you can accent your best features in a flash.

Keep it easy by focusing on your best feature.
Is it your eyes?  Give the eyes a big beautiful and fresh look by adding a little bit of sheen and some lashes.  Going with a lighter and shimmery color automatically brings attention to the eyes making them appear more open.  When adding some flirty lashes, the eyes become more sultry.
Let's say your best feature is your sassy curvy lips.  Keep the rest of the face simple with maybe one shade of color on the eyes, or none at all.  Do a full face of foundation but a minimal highlight and contour.  Groom the brows and tweeze away any roots that are growing out.  Your main focus here is the lips.  Go over them with a lip pencil to ensure the color stays put.  Layer with a lip stick.  Use a satiny or glossy lip stick to give more of a fun pop.
Or is it  those beautiful cheekbones that all your friends rave about?  Then girl, you better work!  Apply your foundation as you would but before setting with powder, grab a duo brush.  Dip into your creme blush with the slightest amount.  Stipple into the outermost part of the cheekbones.  Apply 2 or more layers until you are happy with the color payoff.  Now, you can set your foundation with loose powder and your creme blush with blush powder.
Now for the hair! The best part about hair is that you can change it just as often as you change your makeup.  The easiest way? A wig from Renown Premium Hair. For a quick "no muss no fuss" look, try a cute and simple Pixie Wig. This is easy to get in and out of, doesn't require any major hair prep, and can drastically ... or subtly change your look, while helping you accentuate a pair of beautiful eyes, sultry lips or high cheek bones.  Don't be afraid to experiment.  It's Hair for whenever you DARE.

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