Keep Your Curls Happy

Keep Your Curls Happy

Care Instructions

  1. Do not use oil products on curly hair, it can cause matting. Light argan oil is okay, as needed after shampooing--on damp or wet hair. More isn't better.
  2. Do not brush or comb hair when dry, it will cause frizz and the ends may tangle 
  3. Avoid using excessive straightening to steam processed curls. It will cause the hair to relax over time, loosening the curl pattern.

Washing Instructions

  1. At least once a week: Begin by detangling with fingers while hair is soaking wet.
  2. Use a hydrating shampoo or co-wash cream with a low PH and no sulfates, wash hair in a downward motion. Do not rub together OR massage hair. This causes matting. Rinse thoroughly.


  1. Apply Approximately 2 tablespoons of hydrating/ moisturizing conditioner and distribute through the hair using a Denman styling brush. The curl definition will be instant. Leave on for approximately 5 minutes, or as package directs. 
  2. Rinse thoroughly by running water through the hair in a downward motion, using fingers. If any tangles or snarls remain, repeat conditioning process.

Curl Definition

  1. Using a liberal amount of leave-in conditioner (Tip: use 1 part Renown Premium Quench Super Hydrating Conditioner with 3 parts water and mix in a spray bottle) spray all over damp hair.  Using 1.5-2" curl sections, brush and define each with Denman  brush. Once defined and styled, DO NOT TOUCH HAIR until dry!
  2. Whenever possible, air­ dry your hair. If you must dry, use a diffuser on your blow dryer.


  1. Never go to bed with wet or damp hair. You will wake to a matted mess...guaranteed.
  2. Never go longer than 1 week without washing or co-washing your hair. Product buildup is real!
  3. Never go to bed without a silk bonnet. Always 2-strand twist or pineapple your curls underneath.
  4. Never swim without following up with a wash and going into the water with SOAKING WET hair! 
  5. Never use: Protein based products (Organix Brazilian Keratin, Biotera, SheaMoisture) as it can cause excessive drying and in extreme cases, irreparable damage. Sugar, heavy oils, sodium chloride, petroleum and other ingredients that cause stickiness or clumping. Certain products which are excellent for your natural hair (SheaMoisture, Mixed Chicks, Carol's Daughter, etc.) contain ingredients that are not at all designed for extensions or commercial hair. Only Renown Premium Hair's Premium Quench collection is specially formulated for the care of our extensions.

While this list is not comprehensive or exhaustive, this should be enough to keep you looking amazing for the life of your weave. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

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